Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Craft Table Project

Well one day while pining away on Pinterest I ran across a beautiful crafting table. I decided to check out the blog that had posted the "how to" of this craft table and found out that it is a knock-off of a Pottery Barn craft table. It was a thing of beauty so I decided that I would sweet talk my hubby and get one of my very own!

My husband does construction so he was my big helper with this project. We went to Home Depot and got a sheet of wood (hardwood/plywood a step above cabinet grade) because I really wanted to stain it. You could just use MDF and paint but I love the stained look. Anyways, we got the wood, the stain and wood conditioner, as well as the "legs" of the table. The legs are actually Martha Stewart (or you can use closetmaid or whatever you like) 9 cube storage shelves ($39.98 each and you will need 2). You can get these in white or expresso. Obviously I opted for the expresso. Cost for all of our material ended up being just shy of $200, but considering the Pottery Barn original goes for over $1100 then I was OK with that! He cut our board in half (length 38, width 36, table height 36) to "thicken" up the top of the table and then trimmed it. We applied one coat of conditioner and then two coats of stain.

The stain that we used was Miniwax Polyshades Mission Oak Satin. 

My Old crafting area.

And here is the new table!! Once the table top was dry and legs assembled, Aaron (the hubby) just screwed the table top to the legs from underneath, and then a few to the wall just for extra stabilization.


For a Christmas Surprise Aaron took some of the leftover wood and built me a little hutch to go over my Cricut, that way I wouldn't be losing any more work space. 

And here it is all finished! Add some baskets, a new lamp, and a bar stool and we are done! The storage space is Fabulous! It was a great project that just took us about 2 days to complete. I couldn't have done this without my wonderful husband!! I am not at all handy with a saw! He did a great job executing what I wanted! This table has been awesome and I cannot wait to do even more crafts on it!

Below is a picture of the Bedford Project Table from Pottery Barn ($1100). Its gorgeous! But not exactly affordable for my family!

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  1. Saw this on Pinterest. Beautiful job and you're lucky to have a wonderful husband.

  2. Did you have the Home Depot people cut it in half? How did you get the trim looking stuff?

  3. Thank y'all and yes I am very lucky! My husband is the one that cut it and he used leftover pcs of wood to make the trim. But I am sure the people at Home Depot would cut it however you wanted.

  4. Thank you soooo much!!! We just left lowes. I couldn't find a big piece like that! Going to try Home Depot tomorrow... Is that one big piece or did you glue several pieces together

  5. What we did was buy one long sheet of wood and cut it in half and put them together. Then we bought the trim separate and nailed that around main part of the table. Good luck! I hope it turns out great!!