Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This Old Window

I love, love, love this project! I asked my husband (who works in construction) to keep a look out for any old windows, etc. that they pull from houses being redone. Well not a week went by when I got a picture message from him one day at lunch with a picture of an old wood frame window. In the picture it looked like a light brown small window, so originally I planned to sand it down and paint it then do a little lettering on it and put it somewhere in our house. That night my husband comes in carrying this huge 40 lb window and I got so excited. What he did not show me his picture message was the beautiful white side of the window! It was aged and old and PERFECT! So I quickly decided I would NOT be painting! 

Instead I removed the old fixtures and hardware from my beloved window and did a little sanding. Then a nice rub down with a wet cloth and some intensive window cleaning (although the glass still has that aged appearance, which I adore) and she was ready to go. Its kind of ridiculous how easy this project was! 

This was after the clean up process!! 

After the clean up I headed to my Cricut and chose a cartridge with a font I liked (this happens to be from the Storybook Cartridge). I played around with  a few different sizes for my lettering and deiced on 6in letters (the EST was only 4 3/4in). Then I cut out everything that I needed and played around with how I wanted my placement to look on the glass. Once I decided on where I wanted everything I started transferring everything onto my glass one word at a time using transfer paper (you could also use contact paper, or I have even heard cling wrap works, but haven't tried it, yet).

When you apply your transfer paper with your vinyl on, make sure to rub the vinyl firmly on the glass before removing the transfer paper. Then just pull the paper back and leave your image! If you mess up you can always pull the vinyl up and recut and reapply. There was nothing to doing this project but such great results! Keep a look out for any old windows, there are endless possibilities on what you can do with them! And make sure you tell me, my husband is on the hunt for even more windows for me to "play" with and I would love some new ideas!!

I think this little beauty is going to hang above our bed! Will update with a photo when its up!!

YAY! We now have it hanging above our bed and I love it so much!