Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Have a Party!!

Since my boys birthdays are so close together I (when I say I what I really mean is my husband and I) decided to let them have a joint party. We decided to do the party closer to when Sam (the "baby") turned 1. My oldest, Will, turned 2 the month before. Yep they are 1 year 1 month and 1 week apart (and 36 minutes, but hey who's counting). When I was thinking about party ideas I came across another mom's blog for her son's Dr Seuss party and I LOVED it! After consorting with my husband the theme was chosen! Then I became ob-seussed I should say with finding the perfect party decorations. After a little research I decided the pre-made ready to buy decorations were WAY to expensive for a small town family of 4, so DIY was my other option! I started my "projects" about a month and a half before the party and had a BLAST doing them! Almost all of my decorations were DIY and cheap and easy to make. The boys had a wonderful time at their party and so did the adults! Here are some of the things we made...

I found the idea for this on another great blog and it turned out so good! It only
took me an hour and a half and was less than $20 to make! It now hangs on the door to my kids playroom (minus the sign). (http://www.thehighheeledhostess.com) 

Loved using the Happy Birthday to You book by Dr Seuss as the "guest book", each boy had
their own book for everyone to sign and leave them a special birthday message. I made the ink pens with scraps of fabric! Super cute and Super Easy! (http://sewsara.blogspot.com) 

Again really easy and cheap! Just used some scrapbook paper, stickers, and a free 
Dr Seuss font I found on the web. The frame came from the dollar tree and I painted it with
some leftover paint from the kids bathroom (yea, its Dr Seuss too).

I made the boys their own birthday banner with the leftover scrapbook paper and ribbon!
I just traced two sizes of circles (two different sized bowls) and cut out the letters (I have HORRIBLE penmanship so I printed the letters off the computer). I glued it all together and hot glued it on to a long strip of ribbon! They turned out so nice that I made them both high chair banners... I am 1 and I am 2!

These were so fun and easy! I just molded some paper plates, used a little hot glue and covered them with scrapbook paper! Add some fluffy stuff (from a boa I found at Hobby Lobby) and DONE!

Now these were some of my FAVORITES!! I found some flower pots at the Dollar Tree, and 
using that old bathroom paint, I made them all Seussy!! Then I added some blocks of styrofoam, covered that with paper grass and added the lollipops (all of this I bought at the dollar tree) and for the finale I covered some willow sticks with floral tape and hot glued a pom on the end to make Lorax Trees. There you have it, your very own LOARX AND LOLLIPOP CENTERPIECES! Finish the table of with some colorful covers (plastic) and a Dr Seuss quote for each table.

The little gift boxes were just leftover squares of styrofoam covered with some leftover tissue paper and paper grass.

We had lots of leftover suckers so we just made them a focal point for one of the food tables! And to add a little Thing 1 and Thing 2 vibe we just mismatched our silver ware and napkins, rolled them and tied them with some opposite color curling ribbon.


These were really simple to make and had such a great impact! I found the tutorial on Martha Stewart. I tried several others but I found I liked the end product the best with that one. We hung them all above our food tables to add a little extra something.

This was our finished room before the guests began to arrive! I am so happy with the way it all turned out!

Here was our Menu..

Poodles With Noodles (Spaghetti)
Prairies of Prax (Salad)
Schlotts Knotts (Garlic Bread)
Truffula Fruit (Fruit)
ABC of Seuss Cookies
Yertles Carmel Turtles (Rolos, Pretzels and Pecans)
Thing 1 and Thing 2 Cupcakes
Pink Ink Yink Drink (Pink Lemonade)
Beezelnut Splash (Sweet Tea)
A Crumb to Small for Even a Mouse

YES they tasted just a wonderful as they looked!! These were made by my cousin Tina (tinacakes.com)! She always does a great job! The cakes, of course, were made by her as well and the boys LOVED them!


I wish I could take credit for how pretty all the tables were set up but my mom is a caterer (Creative Concepts) and she helped me with placement on everything! As you can tell, she has alot of talent!

This party turned out just a Wonderful as I hoped it would! Now the problem is I have to think of what to do next Year!! 

Here is a few pictures of the birthday boys and me and my sweet husband!!


Will LOVED the Lorax trees! They tickled his nose and he thought that was just HILARIOUS!

Love this picture of Aaron and I, we finally gave up with trying to get the boys to look too! And here is Sweet baby Sam after he finished with his cake! It took a while to get him all cleaned up, but well worth it!

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  1. I must say, it was the cutest darn Birthday party that I have EVER attended for a one & a two year old. The adults as well as the kids had a blast & were amazed at the whole concept! Congrats to my daughter n law for a job WELL DONE!! Can't wait to see what she does next year!

  2. Thank you! Thank you! I am glad you had fun!! It was a blast and I am sure we will come up with something great for next year!!

  3. Wow! Amazing party! And i love that you made a pom pom pen! :)I thanks for linking up!

  4. I love your Wreath, just wondering how many balloons did you use?

  5. Thank y'all! I used around 350 balloons!

  6. You did an AMAZING job! Thank you for posting and sharing...you and your family are beautiful! :-)

  7. How did you come up with the menu and the names for the food?

  8. A lot of it came from other blogs that featured Dr Seuss parties. But all of them are from Sr Seuss books. They are either the name of a book, place, person or thing from Dr seuss's fun world! I just made the menu something easy and crowd pleasing and then found names that kind of fit.

  9. Hi, your party is super cute! I'm doing the Thing 1 & 2 theme for our twins 1st birthday next month. Where did you find your swirl pops? I'm leaning towards a candy buffet instead of premade goody bags.

    1. I found them at the dollar tree. They were with all of the Christmas stuff! Good luck on your party!

  10. Hey Ali! I have a baby who wants a Dr. Seuss party! I only wish I was as talented of a mother as you!

  11. Hi wanted to know if you use all plastic table cover? If so how did you do it?

    1. Hi. I did use all plastic table covers so I could just toss them when done. We cut shapes out of the covers and layered them.

  12. What an excellent post on parties. These decoration themes are so pretty that I am definitely going to pick some of these ideas for my niece’s first birthday celebration. We will throw a fun family bash at one of garden New York venues.