Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chicken Wire...Who Knew

One of my new favorite things, or two new favorite things, are chicken wire and old wood!! Love! I had my husband pull some planks of old wood off of a house that he is remodeling and then the fantastic man that he is cut the wood down and made frames!! He also is the one responsible for grabbing some chicken wire for me! Love that man! So with my "new" products I decided to make myself a jewelry holder for my bathroom wall! Very rustic and gorgeous!! Not to mention EASY!!

All you need is:

A frame of your choice
Chicken wire
Wire cutters
Staple gun and Staples

It was simple enough. I just laid my chicken wire on the back of my frame and cut away the excess with the wire cutters. Once I had my chicken wire to the size I needed I started stapling. 

Above is what the back looked like after I finished stapling. The wood was a really tight grain and old so the staples didn't want to go all the way in. But with a little help from my friend the hammer, we solved that problem.  Below is a view from the front after we attached the wire!

This is just an extra picture to show you a little bit more of the frames that my hubby made for me.  He put some thin wood as backing, so once the picture is in place all you will see it the rustic edge! Love this frame, and its HUGE!!

Finished product on the wall!! Time to accessorize! 

I really love how this turned out! It is so rustic and goes great in my bathroom! I am thinking of doing another one for the kitchen. But with that one I might use some clothes pins to hold up notes, cards, kids artwork, etc. I also really love the wood for this. I did not do a thing to it, just keep it like it came off the house and its gorgeous!  Quick and easy project that you should definitely give a try!! Enjoy!!

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