Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Belated Valentine's

Happy Belated Valentine's Day! We have been busy this past week so I haven't gotten a chance to post the cute items we made for Valentine's! First of all me and the hubby decided to do something different this Valentine's. We started a message board to each other to help "remind" each other of some of the reasons we love and appreciate each other.  In day to day life we can sometimes get a bit busy and forget to say thanks for the little things that add up to be BIG things! 

All I needed was:
A cute frame
Scrapbook paper
Hot glue

I found a frame that I liked at Walmart, had the mat in it already.  Then I downloaded a font I liked from Kevin & Amanda (link below and love love love their site), and then I printed what I wanted our message board to say directly on to my scrapbook paper. I saw this idea on Pinterest and have linked the original blog below. I really like how simply she did this so I went with her saying of, I love you because... 

Then I used the felt to make a few flowers and hot glued them to the corner of our frame. We use a dry erase marker and just leave each other our notes. The only rule we have is that what you leave has to be something positive. Whether its flirty or funny or serious. We Love this message board!!

Sweet Sundae's

This was another project we did for Valentine's Day! It turned out so good!! I wanted the boys to have something homemade and cute to give out for Valentine's and this is what we decided on. Again, I found the idea on Pinterest and am linking to the blog below. 

Here is what we needed for this project:
Sundae Glasses (Hobby Lobby)
Styrofoam (I like the floral foam balls for this project)
Straws (optional, you could use pixie stix instead)

If you use a styrofoam ball, cut it in half, then turn your sundae cup upside down so the open end is on top of the styrofoam. Then cut around the glass. You want the styrofoam to fit snuggly into the top of your glass.  Go ahead and fill your cup with whatever candy you like (in one glass I used and assortment, in the other I used conversation hearts). Next place the styrofoam in the top of your glass. Place your straws, or pix stix where you like them and then begin to hot glue your remaining candy (we used peppermints and taffy) to the top of your styrofoam.  I printed what I wanted my tags to say on some construction paper then cut they out. We went with "Your a Sweetie!". To top it off we found some cute styrofoam hearts on a stick at the Dollar Tree (supposed to be our "cherry on top") but you could always just use a chocolate heart candy. Super cute gift for any Holiday! Enjoy! 

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