Thursday, March 1, 2012

Birds Nest Necklace

DIY Birds Nest Necklaces...YES Please!! I love these necklaces and I said that every time I looked at a picture of one. Well I decided to go ahead and attempt one. They are so easy!! Plus you don't need a ton of supplies to make them!

Here is what you need...
Glass pearls (or any bead you like in whatever size you like)
20 or 24 gauge jewelry wire (whatever size and color you prefer)
Chain or twine
Jewelry Clasps
Needle nose pliers and wire cutters

To start string however many beads your using on your jewelry wire and go down about 3 in., then arrange them however you like and circle the rest of your wire around the outside of your beads.

Next you will wrap your wire around the backside of your beads 4-5 times to create a base for your nest.

Now hold the beads between your thumb and pointer finger and begin to wrap the wire around the outside of your beads to make the actual nest. How many times you do this depends on how large you want your nest. I like mine thicker, it makes for a bigger charm. Also I will say this, whenever you think you have yours thick enough add one or two more circles, when you run your wire through the nest it can have a shrinking effect (or to me anyhow).

The picture below is how mine looked after I finished circling (I was using 24 gauge wire).

Okay now you need to unroll some extra wire (not sure the exact amount but probably 8-10 in) and cut so that your nest is separate from your roll of wire. Then take your extra wire and run it in the space between two of your beads, being sure to include all the wire from the base of your nest. Loop it through in the same spot 3-5 times, its just personal prefernce. Then repeat through the remaining 2 spaces between beads. You don't have to do these at all or you can do more than three, its going to be all about what you like.

When you finish all of your loops and you still have wire left, just wrap it around the base of your nest weaving it in between existing wire (this will hold it in place). Below is the back of my charm once I finished.

Now go ahead and add your jewelry clasp and its ready to be put on a chain or twine of your choice.

I also really love the birds nest necklaces with only one "egg". Below is one that I made using a large cream glass pearl and 20 gauge wire.

Same thing as before, just string your pearl, but this time I just bent a small section down to keep the pearl in place.

Then I began to wrap wire around my pearl while holding the pearl between my thumb and pointer finger as before. This time I did not make a base for my nest.

Just wrap until you like the look of it.

Cut your wire and tuck it in with the wire wrapped around your pearl.  Attach a jump ring and DONE!

Above is just several that I have made as practice. Below is the one using 20 gauge silver wire and large pearl.

Below is the one from the top of the page. Turned out great! 

Below is one that I made using 20 gauge gold wire and medium sized white glass pearls.

These are very easy and fun to make! I strongly suggest giving them a try for yourself and they make great gifts too!!

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  1. I love this tutorial! Thank you for sharing! I wrote a blog post on my blog: about using your tutorial for Back-to-School gifts for my nieces/nephews teachers!! Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much! And thank you for linking up! Your necklaces looked great!!